Creativity with BATIK on Silk

The workshop is hosted by Rashmi Agarwal, founder and chairperson of the Qatar based art Community-MAPS. She is the community instructor of the Virginia Common Wealth University ( VCU Qatar)for silk painting and is a board member of Silk Painters International-SPIN USA.
The workshop wll serve to teach the participants , how to create a silk painting. By the end of the session particpants will have ther own artworks which they have created, to take home with them.

The Session Covers..

  • Different types wax application.
  • Multy - Coloring.
  • Crack Effect & Layering Application.
  • Application of BATIK Tools.
  • Fixing and Removal.

Event Details

TIME : 4.00 - 7.00 PM
AGES : 12+
FEES : QR 250