About maps international

Middle-east Art and Silk Painters - A Platform where gallery & artists grow together.

Middle East Art and Silk Painters (MAPS) is a gallery and 100% Qatari Company for artists, Painters, Practitioners and Educators in Qatar and Globally. It is a chapter for Silk Painters international (SPIN), USA. SPIN is an international organization incorporated in USA as a non-profit Association. At present it has 8 Board Members and 70 professional members from all over the World. We wish to build and unleash the creative power of the community by democratizing artistic, cultural production and distribution within our scope of responsibility and capabilities.


  • To promote Artists and all types of Art in the form of fine art and recognized education;
  • To keep society healthy, expressive and connected;
  • Encourage creativity in individuals of all ages;
  • Expand the community’s access to a broad array of art experiences;
  • Serve as a hub of art activities where people can connect with one another;
  • Promote the National and International local artists;
  • To promote Member’s Art Galleries.
MAPS believe that communities are stronger when members come together. MAPS provides a platform for ALL, be it a Professional Artist, an Amateur or a Beginner with an interest, love and passion for Art. “Exhibitions and Galleries are important stepping stones for aspiring artists, and MAPS will always give our Members and everyone a chance to shine before they step into the ‘real world’ as practicing artists”.